Pixboost is a Cloud Service that resizes and optimises Raster Images (e.g. *.jpg, *.png, etc) for file size reduction and decreased Load Times. Once an image has been processed, it's cached on CDN, increasing the speed at which images can be retrieved on subsequent requests.
The service can also be used to resize and crop images, which makes it simple to generate responsive images that respect the device and screen size on which they are being displayed. Using the service requires modifications to the image URL.
Below is the diagram that shows how Pixboost works:
Here is the short video on how to use Pixboost:
To start working with the service you would only need to register and add you image source.
If you have any questions/feedback then please do not hesitate to reach us on [email protected]. We also have great FAQ where you'll find answers to most common questions.
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