Snippet Generator

Snippet Generator is a Tool that helps users to quick start with Pixboost and to make the setup much easier. It creates the small blocks of reusable code to insert in a code of a website. It is available for all registered users of our service.

To start using Pixboost all you need is to modify the URLs of images that you would like to pass through the service for optimization for scaling purposes. That's exactly what Snippet Generator will do for you.

How to use it from a sandbox or from the app

To start using Snippet Generator you have two options. You either use our demo account to check it out or you log into your Pixboost account and there you can use this tool for your projects.

For sandbox follow the link to start Snippet Generator

  • Paste URL to the image you would like to compress, scale and deliver through CDN.

    Or you can use our example image to see how this tool works. Pre-Set Image URL -

As a sandbox user or as a registered user you use the Snippet Generator in a similar way:

  • Press Generate button to generate a snippet.

  • Select Responsive or static setting. In a responsive setting you can set sizes for each type of the device you would like to support; computer, tablet or mobile.

  • Select Lazy Loading option if you would like to turn on lazy loading for your image.

  • Enter ALT Text for the image. This text will show up in the code of your snippet.

  • Set up an image for each of the devices in the following way:

    • Input weight and/or height according to your website needs. These options are available if the as-is setting or hide setting are not activated

    • Select the As-is setting if you would like to leave your image as it is. This option would be helpful if you want to deliver an image through CDN without changing it. Other settings will be deactivated.

    • Select the Hide setting if you would like to hide this image on this type of device. Other settings will be deactivated.

  • You can preview your images for devices and make changes if needed.

  • Finally, after you are happy with your setup, you can Copy snippet and

    paste directly into your website code.

If you think that this tool can be improved please don’t hesitate to tell us in what way we can improve it and make it more useful for you.

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