Cache Invalidation

API endpoint - DELETE /api/2/img/[IMAGE-URL]?auth=[API_SECRET]


Cache invalidation a service endpoint that allows you to invalidate images cached on CDN.

Calling example using curl:

curl -X DELETE ''


API_SECRET - secret key.


200 - Image been cleared. Usually, you'll see this response if image hasn't been cached in CDN

202 - Request been successfully accepted. Cache will be cleared in 5 minutes or so.

401 - Failed authorization. Image domain is not in the list of images sources‚Äč


You can find reference example of using cache invalidation workflow with S3 bucket here.


Please, be aware that invalidations don't affect cached copies in web browser caches or caches operated by third-party Internet service providers.

In most cases, using versioning on file names is a better option.