We try to make the start with Pixboost as fast and as easy as possible. We aim it to be under 10 minutes. So, lets cut it short.
The main goal is to setup images on your websites to be served through the Pixboost.
Diagram of how Pixboost serves images

Step 1 - Signup

Signup using your Google account or by filling in the details.
Signup form
If you decided to go with Email/Password then you'll receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting the form.

Step 2 - Setup source images

Add at least one Image Domain or Image Source. This will let the service know where the destination of you source (original) images.
Image source is preferred way, because your image URLs will be shorter when using in the HTML markup. However, Image Domain is easier to setup.
  • For Image Domain simply click + button and fill in the domain name
Adding a new domain with source images
  • To create HTTP Image Source click on bucket button
Adding HTTP source

Step 3 - API key

Once you added a domain or source you will see the Dashboard main view. We have already generated an API key for you, so you can start optimise your images.
List of API keys in dashboard

Step 4 - Call API

Use API to optimise or resize the image from your website. You can use Chrome to call the API
  • If you used domain in the Step 2 then your URL would look like
https://pixboost.com/api/2/img/[SOURCE IMAGE URL]/[OPERATION]?auth=[API KEY]&[OPERATION OPTIONS]
Example of optimising the image using domain
  • If you used HTTP (or other) image source
Example of optimising the image using HTTP source

Step 5 - Optimise the image on the website

Update image URL in the markup of your website
Use image in the HTML markup

What's next