Responsive Images

The library provides Picture component that will render different size images for different visual breakpoints.

Below is a simple example:

    //This is a reusable configuration
    const pixboostConfig = {
        apiKey: 'MTg4MjMxMzM3MA__',
        domain: '',
        breakpoints: {
            lg: {media: '(min-width: 990px)'},
            md: {media: '(min-width: 640px)'},
            sm: {}

    class YourComponent extends Component {
        render() {
            return (
                <Picture alt={"gadgets"} breakpoints={
                        lg: {
                            //Will optimise image by default
                            src: ''
                        md: {
                            src: '',
                            op: 'fit?size=300x300'
                        sm: {
                            //We can hide image for certain breakpoints
                            hide: true
                } config={pixboostConfig}/>

Properties (mandatory properties marked with *):

Property Type Default Description
breakpoints* Object Object that sets an option for each visual breakpoint. You can use only breakpoints that you specified in the configuration property
breakpoints.src* String URL of the original image
breakpoints.op String optimise Operation to perform. By default is optimise.
breakpoints.hide Boolean false If true then will hide image on the breakpoint.
config* Object Configuration
alt String alt text for an image
lazy Boolean true If true, then will enable lazy loading for the picture.

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